Kaos is more than a fitness facility. We are a fitness family.

We take pride in ensuring everyone who walks through our doors is treated with kindness and respect. We have a class for EVERYONE AND ANYONE. All skill levels, all comfort levels. No matter HOW long you have been on your journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle, we have the class or instructor for you. Crazy mix ups with the consistency you need!

Kaos Coaches

Long-time Kaos trainer and coach to numerous local athletes, Travis Norton, is now owner of Kaos. He has assembled a team of dynamic coaches ready to help you reach your fitness journey no matter your age or skill level.

From beginner to professional athletes our coaches and trainers have transformed the lives and bodies of thousands of Tallahassee clients. All fitness levels are welcome, and modifications are always available to help you achieve success. Don’t hesitate, come join us and see what a fitness family is all about.

Our Class Formats

Trainer and class working out

Group Training

Classes consist of boot camp and muscle mix-up exercises that tax both the cardiac and muscular systems.

Strength Training

Classes focus on increasing muscular strength while emphasizing proper lift form.

Cardio Kickboxing

Classes offer high-cardio involving kicks, punches, jumps, HIIT combos while utilizing weights.

A beginner's workout class

Beginner’s Class

Classes offer modifications while teaching the basics at a pace that can be customized to any ability.

Children working out

Kids Classes

Classes are designed to improve a child’s overall athleticism using strength, speed and coordination.

Athletic & Sports Training

Learn from the best coaches in the region and improve every aspect of your game.

Why People Love KAOS

“Every class takes you out of your comfort zone!! Instructors are amazing and encouraging! Highly recommend KAOS Group Training to all fitness levels!”

Dara Kukla

“I like knowing that every time I go to Kaos, I am getting a completely different workout!”

Gray Tyndall

“As a former NFL/pro athlete now turned CEO, I prioritize not just the strengthening of my physical game but my mental most importantly. I view Kaos as the ultimate place to grow both simultaneously, no matter the age group. Travis and his team are phenomenal, and lean in alongside YOU to get the results YOU desire!”

Padric Scott

A picture of the young man running with his shoes
Casey's Class

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