KAOS Schedule

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6:00 am
9:30 am
4:30 pm
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Our Class Formats

Trainer and class working out

Group Training

Classes consist of boot camp and muscle mix-up exercises that tax both the cardiac and muscular systems.

Strength Training

Classes focus on increasing muscular strength while emphasizing proper lift form.

Cardio Kickboxing

Classes offer high-cardio involving kicks, punches, jumps, HIIT combos while utilizing weights.

A beginner's workout class

Beginner’s Class

Classes offer modifications while teaching the basics at a pace that can be customized to any ability.

Children working out

Kids Classes

Classes are designed to improve a child’s overall athleticism using strength, speed and coordination.

Athletic & Sports Training

Learn from the best coaches in the region and improve every aspect of your game.

Address: 2755 Power Mill Ct. Suite B | Tallahassee FL 32301

Call: 850.459.4967 |Email: onespeedjet@icloud.com