What Our Fitness Family Has to Say

“Amazing, supportive motivating trainers who are experienced in how to get the results you want!! Best gym I have EVER attended.”

Cory Collins

“Kaos Group Training offers a wonderful variety of classes to target whatever your fitness goals may be. Kendall, Tyler, and Melissa are great trainers who push you to do more than you expected, and always positively encourage each client to be their best. The classes are always very challenging, diverse and upbeat. You won’t be disappointed!”

Jennifer Marks

“As a former NFL/pro athlete now turned CEO, I prioritize not just the strengthening of my physical game but my mental most importantly. I view Kaos as the ultimate place to grow both simultaneously, no matter the age group. Travis and his team are phenomenal, and lean in alongside YOU to get the results YOU desire!”

Padric Scott

“Every class takes you out of your comfort zone!! Instructors are amazing and encouraging! Highly recommend KAOS Group Training to all fitness levels!”

Dara Kukla

“I like knowing that every time I go to Kaos, I am getting a completely different workout!”

Gray Tyndall

“Kaos Rocks! When you first walk in the door you start glistening and the energy inside of the building is contagious. Every workout pushes you to a new fitness level and the strength you gain is unbelievable!!”

Ashey Abney

Address: 2755 Power Mill Ct. Suite B | Tallahassee FL 32301

Call: 850.459.4967 |Email: onespeedjet@icloud.com